Artist Recipe Project Volume 1: The Book --- Call for submissions

The format is going to be 12”x 12” pages. You will have 2 facing pages as in the example image below. You can submit original work by mail or digitally through Dropbox or Google Drive. The digital file must be 300 dpi at the 12x12 size or if creating a spread it would be 12 inches x 24 inches at 300 dpi.


This project is growing in a healthy way with a diverse and talented group of makers and creative minds. We will be open for submissions until we meet our goal of 100 artists. Whatever you creative passion might be please consider the possibility of creating a 2 page spread involving a recipe and your work in an exciting and challenging piece in the form of a PDF or a hard copy.

For hard copy submissions: please send to: William Contino at P.O. Box 81 Alfred Station, New York 14803
For digital submissions please send to:

If your work contains a language other than English it would be much appreciated if you would include a translation or synopsis of your text in English along with your work.